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The parish of North Marston lies in north Buckinghamshire in the Vale of Aylesbury. It spans nearly 2,000 acres and has a population of about 700. For centuries an agricultural economy, the nineteenth century saw it diversify and also witnessed a boom in house-building. The History Club was formed in October 2010. Making history interesting and accessible is a priority. In July 2014 we had pleasure in launching our first major book The North Marston Story. We believe it will bring our village´s history to the attention of a wide community. For a full list of all our publications please visit our Projects and Publications page.
The Club has an archive of thousands of scanned images and documents available for future researchers and has helped to create a Village Heritage Centre completed in 2017.
The History Club reserves copyright on all text and images used in these pages and welcomes contributions of items, pictures or information relating to the history of the village.
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North Marston Story