May 17, 2019

Handlebar Histories

In an attempt to make local history more visual, club chairman, John Spargo, is compiling a series of short films about specific aspects of local history from the vantage of a bicycle saddle (thus combining his two great interests of local history and cycling).

The first of these films looks at the history of Carters Lane, the Roman road that forms part of the parish boundary, and which is steeped in history and legend. John explores its role through the centuries and explains a theory he has developed about events of 500 years ago. To see the film on YouTube, (you’ll need your sound on) click  here.

The second film is about the history of Quainton Road and looks at some of the hidden or less well-known features. To see the film click here.

The third film is called “Gate to Gate” and takes the viewer on a cycle ride from the Portway village gate to the Granborough Road village gate, stopping from time to time to explore the history of the buildings we pass with the aid of pictures from our archive. To see the film, click here.