December 12, 2017

Village School

On 24th July 1835 the first National School was opened at the top of School Hill, and it was run mainly by the church. In the 1870s there was some debate about whether it should become a Board School giving control to the state but the vicar, Rev Samuel James, was fiercely opposed to this and it didn´t happen. The school underwent renovation in the 1890s but still comprised just two classrooms. By 1899 there were 124 pupils on the books. The school did not get electricity until 1938 or mains water until 1945. Coke stoves were used for heating and the lavatories were outside. In 1944 children from Granborough joined North Marston School, and in 1968 a new building was opened next to the old building which was demolished to create what is now the playground area.