December 12, 2017

St Marys Church

Built in the early 12th century, and probably on the site of a small Saxon church, St Mary’s church is by far the oldest and largest structure in North Marston. Click here to visit the church’s website

For three centuries the church was administered by Dunstable Priory from which North Marston’s most celebrated cleric, John Schorne, originated. .The gifts and bequests to Schorne’s shrine were invested in the church building creating the 15th century grandeur we see today. This was enhanced by Queen Victoria’s renovation of the chancel and the installation of the magnificent east window in the 1850s. St Mary’s church is a hidden gem and its range of architectural styles and the quality of its stone carvings mean it is one of the the most significant churches in North Bucks and is listed in England’s Thousand Best Churches.

To see a slide show of many of the stone carvings, click on the “play” symbol  below: (you’ll need your sound on).

Visitors to the church can select from an array of guide books produced and maintained by the History Club. They are to found in the display rack sited in front of the north door, opposite you as you enter the church.

If you’d like to see the brochure explaining the key features inside the church click here.

If you’re interested in medieval grafitti, click here.