December 12, 2017

Oral History

We have an extensive number of oral histories recorded by our secretary, Sue Chaplin, and edited by Diz Minnit. In time, we hope to create audio CDs of these to make it easy to access them. In the meantime, to listen to extracts from some of our oral history files, click on the files below.
Seething Mass of Rats, Chris Holden;     Stone Hill bomber crash, Cliff Cheshire;     Willow Branch Fences, David Midwinter;
Bombs Under Sheaves, Cliff Cheshire;    Last Man out of the Wheatsheaf, Chris Holden;     WW2 Tank in a Pond, David Midwinter;
 Relaxed Village Life, David Midwinter;     Spider Tattam & the Tattams, Chris Holden;      Ted Anstiss and his bowler
hat, Cliff Cheshire;    The Village Constable, David Midwinter;     Land Girls, David Midwinter;     Village Shops, Chris
Holden;      School Multiplication Tables, Chris Holden;      Charringtons Beer, Cliff Cheshire;       School Dentist, Cliff
Cheshire;      Lessons and toilets in the 1930s, Chris Holden;     Italian Prisoners and Chips, David Midwinter;     Steam

Threshing, David Midwinter;   Oil Bomb on Oving Hill, Chris Holden;    Sending Milk to London, David Midwinter;   

Airman at Potters Farm, Cliff Cheshire;    Slaughterhouse in Portway, Chris Holden;    Sheep Scab, David

Midwinter;       Prince Edward’s Broken Arm, David Midwinter;     Mr Stevens Dying of Flu at The Wheatsheaf, Cliff

Cheshire;     School staff in the 1930s, Chris Holden;     Garage Gambling, David Midwinter;   Henry Anstiss and his

Vintage Car, Cliff Cheshire;     Peter Bartram et al, Chris Holden;   Jeep Repairs at the Old Forge, David Midwinter;  Mr Clifford the Lodger, Cliff Cheshire;    

The Sheldrakes and the Grays, Chris Holden;     Raffling Tractors in WW2, David Midwinter;    

Police, ARP & Home Guard in WW2, Chris Holden;     Churchill’s Toy Factory, Cliff Cheshire;

Granborough Road Station, David Midwinter;     Will, Felix, Walter, Wilfred & Mr Cox, Chris Holden;

Grandmother marrying Ted Anstiss, Cliff Cheshire;     Dumping wheat at sea, David Midwinter;

The Gun Carriage and the Balloon, David Midwinter;